Decisions at 28

I was speaking with my BFF Maddy last week after my cousin Keira's wedding about our lives at age 28. Seeing how happy she is and how beautiful God can make you when you trust in him and believe makes me think really hard about my life and choices.

When we are younger it's hard to make certain decisions that have greater consequences than we think. When I was in 10th grade I learned about Carpe Diem. I loved the concept. Seize the day. From that day on I decided I was going to live each day as it was my last and not care about the future. If I had a time machine I would travel back in time and slap my 15 year old self in the face lol. When you make decisions without God in mind they end up being the worst decisions ever made. I learned the hard way you can live without God. I tried so many times to make decisions without God and failed . .......... I am at a different place in my life were I am demanding more. When I was young I accepted any and every man because I though it was my civic duty to give less attracted boys a chance Hope with an attracted female.. Talk about being shallow... But none of them really made me happy.

When I think about my teenage years I was so naive like any other 16 year old but I thought of love being affectionate etc... Since I am older and wiser the old games aren't fun anymore. The late night texts are nuisances.... The bugaboo phone calls and craziness... Ugh and no conversation of substance? Why is it so hard to have a decent conversation nowadays.... ???? Lol my rants on a Saturday night at 3:22 am... I guess I'm through talking about decisions... More to come ;)

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