New tv web series

This has been a very interesting week, I finally figured out what I want to do with my life after having a heart to heart with my homie Tony. He hold me that I have to choose what I want in life and stop making excuses. I was stuck in the whole I want marriage and kids with the big house syndrome. Tony said you have to choose, either career or family. Family is cool and all but I know it wouldn't make me happy in life. I want to be successful first and foremost. Every since I was a young girl I saw my name in lights... I saw the bigger picture.but I keep letting my addictions ruin my success though... Demons show up in the sexiest packages at times and they all know my weaknesses... It's hard standing strong... But I am more determined now... I'm currently writing a script for my first web series titled Historically U. Based on college life told through the eyes of kids who experienced life too fast. My concept is great, ideas will work and the stories are real, for the most part... Now I just need to get a cast, production crew, cameras , props, sponsors etc... Lol everything needed basically but I am very resourceful and I know I can make it happen ;)

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