Was 2 weeks worth it

I am beginning to ask myself is my relationship woes even worth it? I met a guy literally 2 weeks ago. He was persistent and I enjoyed the flattery ... It was the last day of the year and I wasn't even paying attention really but I let my guard down because I wasn't getting the attention from my guy. I didn't do the usual check i.e. Google search. I added name on the book of faces but I knew there was something up... Especially after he asked for me to pay for breakfast on our 2 nd date... Car broke down on 1st date... And so on... But I let my guard down and didn't judge. He wasn't my regular type especially the part about not having money to afford me... But I went for spontaneous love. My friend Tony told me relationships can be your down fault when it comes to being successful in this game... I almost fell into another spiral on taking care of a man. I almost did it again but this time change was inevitable. I have too much going on to waste away money and time for "love" ........ I'm suppose to be dedicated but I was almost love struck again .... Welp lol I'm on my grind now.... Www.historicallyu.com coming soon.....

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