I haven't written in my blog in a long time and its primarily because of my very interesting year I have been having.... I know I wrote a lot of things about the "so called" love of my life..... I loved De'Andre Norels with all my heart but you can't be in a relationship when everything about it is a lie.... My friends and family all told me to leave him alone, part ways etc ... I went through a great depression this past summer. l was torn between my dreams and trying to support a family who wasn't even mine... I dont want to go into details that will come later in my book but lets just say that he almost broke me. If it wasn't for deep prayer and my family and friends who stuck by me through everything I don't know how I survived. My strength and determination led me to succeed the unthinkable. A working script for Historically U. I'm glad I got the what-ifs out of my system with Dre and I am able to finally have the direction and path God wants me on... Its a bittersweet moment to have so many people wanting to see you succeed rather than fail. I am finally happy and grateful!!!! God is Awesome!!!!!

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