God’s Peace ✌🏽 🙏🏾

If God is peace, then to know God is to bask in His peace. The closer we draw to Him, the more of His peace we can enjoy (James 4:8). 

I honestly can say I have not slept better then after Tuesday…. I would be up at night and it wouldn’t be a good feeling. I would always run across 1:11, 11:11, 1 1 1… etc those numbers represent divine intervention…Angels trying to get your attention…….. I knew trying to date someone who wasn’t equally yoked was definitely playing with my mind, body and soul. At times we ignore the signs because we as humans don’t want to either give up nor change from something that feels comfortable…. conversation is something that attracts me to someone more than anything…. I’m a big conversational being… also somewhat conceited because I love ❤️ me and talking about my passions…. when I get to tell someone about a script, project or songs I begin to zen out because it’s my comfort zone… one thing I fail to realize is that everyone shouldn’t be able to access that part of you especially if they don’t have true intentions…. Me being the nice person I am I think everyone has some good inside which makes me be gullible at best… it’s a flaw but it’s something I don’t want to change. It hurts sometimes but I was taught never to dwell on people and their I’ll intentions…. You cannot predict the future nor expect people to be sane all the time…. calculated plans to deceive people are works of psychopaths…… i have learned a valuable lesson in giving someone too much of your time and not paying attention to 😇 Angels…. my angels have protected me so much through a lot in my life. Gods grace has definitely helped me through…. I feel like working on a testimonial series based on signs and actually listening to what God is trying to tell you….

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