7 days til 34

I sit here on my worn out chaise (its tearing up) thinking about my Jesus year. I have been through a lot in one year. I have grown as a woman. I learned to deal with emotions, some I never thought I would ever experience. I learned about my wil power. I learned how to be honest and not be afraid of the truth. I am one class away from my TV Comedy writing certificate. There is so many blessings to count. I also added stamps in my passport something I have longed to do for awhile. I may not have alot of money in my bank account but I know how to hustle. I sit here unemployed but I have accepted being a starving artist. I am a WRITER. Something I use to not say. I would introduce myself as a banker but never a writer. I took pride in something I wasnt. I wasnt living my truth. I am thankful to be doing so. I read the bible more and talk to God again. I was lost in the world and was afraid God wouldnt accept me. I wasnt truly in a bad position. Prayer saved me. Now its my responsibility to do God’s will. It’s not going to be easy but I know with God by my side I can accomplish my wildest dreams. I took a leap of faith and drove 3000 miles to follow my dreams. I’m not letting any minor setback deter me away from my destiny. Stay tuned for more. Raw and unedited