#mce Man crush everyday

I actually have a man crush..Gerald 🥰💚.. it’s amazing how I thought a friend from high school came back into my life for a reason and I see now he was there to show me what I didn’t want and what I  wanted was right in my face but I ignored him for a year.... it’s funny how I had downloaded a dating app, the guy swiped right and reached out for conversation. We exchanged a few words and I never really responded in June of 2018. Fast forward to June 2019 and I downloaded the app again, I responded to him and he asked for my number. I gave him my number without hesitation but I was still emotional from the fallout of a guy I thought I was going to be with. Craziness how I go from being proposed to with terms to now dating a guy who makes me smile in every way possible. Oh yea I forgot to mention my old high school boyfriend proposed to me but it was more of a business proposal than one with a ring. He wanted a partner in business (a woman he could control ie maid) and someone to cook, clean, and flush the toilet for him (yes he never flushed number one or two 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮)  and tolerate his many outbursts (he was mentally unstable ptsd from war and trauma for adolescence). I thought I could handle him because he was also seeking to be a preacher but he had altering motives when he came here to visit he was not here to support he was nagging, verbally abusing and left me in a funk for almost a week after he left. I had to pick myself up and continue on this journey because of what he put me through. So I was shaky to say the least when Gerald reached out. He begin texting me every morning “Good morning beautiful”. He was very consistent. I would brush it off because I was sooo turned off by men after my fiasco with John. After some encouragement from friends and an edible lol 😂 I got the nerve to invite him over but it turned out bad when the edible kicked in and sent me on a freaked out frenzy. I ran from him when he got to my door in front of the building. My friend was on chat with me and recorded my sprinting it was hilarious to watch over and at the time it seemed like i had lost a potential good guy. My best friend Madeline reminded me that I seek out the bad guys with open arms and the good ones I run away from (literally this time I physically ran) . I then reached out and apologized for my actions and he wasn’t too receptive at first but after chatting for most of the day we realized we had a lot more in common and we meshed pretty well. I invited him over again and the rest is history. My friend Billi was over here to make sure he wasn’t crazy and he wasn’t and every sense . My heart and confidence in guys was restored. I like this guy and I feel like he is going to stick around for awhile..... I’m not going to rush into anything only time will tell but for right now this handsome guy is my man crush everyday ❤️💋💚.  Did I mention he plays video games and loves Game of Thrones 🥰🥰🥰🥰😜😜🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽💯💯💯🙀🙀🙀🙀💕💕💕😉😉😉😉. (Mind-blown🙀🥰💕) 

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