It’s been hard to focus lately. My feelings have been a distraction…. I fell hard for a guy I thought could be the one… he was kind, special, funny and overall good to me… or so I thought… many times we are blind to what is really in our faces. People only truly show you what they want you to see. I was so happy. I thought I had it all… but things change and so does relationships… I put my all into men who do nothing but use me and it’s beginning to wear down on me… I love being an intellect but I always fall short when it comes to love. Why is it so hard to find someone who can be Honest….Charismatic …. Romantic…. and Funny… Gerald made me laugh… he held me close when we hugged and he would hold my hand in public… he didn’t mind kissing me … showed me affection every minute he got and made me feel safe. But something happened and I may never know …. he suddenly pushed himself away… texts became few… hugs begin to wind down and good night emojis stopped existing…. I didn’t see it coming and that’s what hurts the most… time heals all wounds and I know I will get passed it I just don’t like being hurt…. 😩😭🤬😰🤭🤔😶

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