Rhema - Action of Utterance

I have been in a battle all in my mind (Zechariah 3:1-5) about my future and what is about to happen. I allowed the devil to use his perspectives to try and stir me away from what was already phrophesied over my life. I was reminded this summer of that very thing. This woman who didn’t know me explained to me that I should not settle and what I have inside of me is God and I will do amazing things with it. I have always known since I was a little girl going to church that God put me here to do his works. I confessed my sins and got baptized thinking I was getting off punishment but in actuality God was setting me up for what is happening in this very moment. I am sitting here in my Koreatown apartment in Los Angeles, California. I woke up this morning worrying about what was about to happen and thinking about my uncertain future… I have an empty box of tissues next to me and tissues all over my bed…. I sat here and was balling…. wailing …. just so done…. I heard the perspective of satan again last night saying that I wasn’t worth it and God doesn’t love me… I quickly denounced it and called my bff Chris because he was up playing video games. Before I even told him about my problems he told me I was good and this is just a rouse. I am going through it but all great people who do amazing things start at my level. He reasuured me of my gifts and how we will celebrate soon ALL of my victories. I love how God has set my on this path years in the making, he put the right people in my life and they haven’t steered away nor given up on me. The devil had me thinking I wasn’t worth it… had me thinking this was it and letting the countdown of my lease determine my outcome of life and I today had to speak out of my mouth and say NO!!!!! I was about to cry myself asleep when I got up suddenly, pulled out my ipad and logged into The Potters house app and listened to the sermon I missed 8 days ago. Consistency Part II; the Mentality of Victory. I had forgot I was a Joshua in this world. I was blind and didn’t see how great my life is at this moment because I have a direction close to God and my purpose is resonating more prevalent than ever before. I forgot about what was so beautiful inside me….. but listening to God’s word allowed me to strike down the naysayer and believe again. Ephesians 6:12-17 has always been in the back of my mind. I always used the word of God to speak things into my life but I somehow felt like God had left me which wasnt true… Satan tried to deter me away from my blessings but my Angel has cleared my path and I feel an overwhelming since of relief. My life is about to change, I am about to enter into my destiny and I thank God for waking me up to see it again. Depression is a crazy perspective the devil uses to get us away from what is already promised. I have been saved in the blood of Jesus so he cannot touch me… he can send every obstacle my way but it will never deter me away from my path. I am thankful for this word I received today and thankful for being able to cry and rejoice that God has already done it!!!!!